Awards / Prizes
& More

Manager Rewards

We will make a quick pick entry In Sports Lotto for registered managers

(two draws. per season)
We will also hold a prize
draw at the end of each season for managers whose teams have played all fixtures and have no outstanding debts.  Guaranteed €50 minimum

Free Advertising

Each participating team receives a FREE website Advertising Banner.

We will look after design and publishing without any cost or charge for you or your team. 

Ideal for current team sponsor or to help in securing a new one


€20 loyalty discount for Teams joining consecutive Leagues/Seasons

(starting Autumn 2022)

10% Discount

for all W.F.S. members with 

Gary Robinson Coaching.


​League Winners​​: Trophy & Medals

League Runners Up: Medals*

Cup Winners​​: Trophy & Medals

Cup Runners Up: Medals*

Plate Winners​​: Trophy & Medals

Plate Runners Up: Medals*


*Only when League has 8 or more teams