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Team Meal for League Winners

(valued at €120)


3 monthly Prize Draws x €25 vouchers 

(all registered players & managers automatically entered)

Free Advertising

Each participating team receives a FREE

website advertising banner.

We will look after design and publishing without any cost or charge for you or your team. 

Ideal for current team sponsor or to help in securing a new one

VALUED @ €240


€30 Loyalty Discount Entry fee for Teams joining consecutive Leagues/Seasons


More discounts coming soon

for all W.F.S. members


League Winners​​:

Trophy & Medals

League Runners Up: Medals*

Cup Winners​​: 

Trophy & Medals

Cup Runners Up: Medals*

Plate Winners​​:

Trophy & Medals

Plate Runners Up: Medals*


*Only with 8 or more teams

Special Merit

A new initiative to reward teams and individuals for acts of sportsmanship, commitment and exemplarary conduct.

It will be awarded on an occasional basis and will be in response to positive feedback from all those involved, players, managers and referees.

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