Player Registration

  1. Register using Team name "Blues United".

  2. Complete all fields.

  3. Please indicate your prefered position (s) and if you can help with managing the team.

  4. A WhatsApp group will be set up so the squad can stay organised.

  5. Match nights are Tuesday and Friday so please ensure you are available in general on these nights.

  6. It will cost €20 to register and that includes a share of the team entry fee and one match fee in advance.

  7. Match fee is €10 per game which must be paid before kick off each night. This should be paid online if possible. 

  8. Payments:

  9. Any player who takes part in match without being officially registered is illegal and is liable to face sanctions including a possible ban.

  10. Teams will be lose any points gained in matches in which they've used unregistered players.