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About Waterford Floodlit Soccer


  • All team managers and players should carefully study the official WFS rules and regulations. Team managers will be issued with a full, updated copy before the start of each season.​​​

  • The main rules can be summarised as follows: No slide tackling or rough play, no offside, rolling subs, 

  • Over recent years, some leagues were badly affected by teams conceding walkovers and/or dropping out, so we have amended our rules to better protect everyone. Team managers should therefore consider the commitment required as players will be missing every week due to work and home responsibilities as well as injuries, holidays and involvement with other clubs and sports, matches on TV etc.,. Please ensure your team has a large enough squad to cover missing players to avoid fines and other sanctions.

  • Individuals are very welcome and though we try to assist players in finding suitable teams., we have found that it's better for individuals and small groups to join together to form their own team. 

  • Junior League Premier players and League of Ireland players are excluded from most leagues to maintain a fair standard for the majority of participants.

  • Main seasons run for approximately 16 weeks. 


Floodlit Soccer League (FSL) was formed in August 2002 following the collapse of Nightowls International Leagues PLC and we quickly filled the void. We quickly grew in size and popularity increasing teams from 22 teams to 64 teams in just 2 years. Nightowls was originally set up for retired and older players but in its new format, the FSL developed to cater for all ages, grades and abilities by providing a competitive game of eleven a side football, Monday to Friday, all year round on astro turf pitches.

Now renamed Waterford Floodlit Soccer, we remain locally owned and run and our continued success can be attributed to many factors. but simplicity is the key. Anyone can enter a team with no need for committees, grounds or other complications.

Waterford Floodlit Soccer (W.F.S.) has responded to demand and now concentrates mainly on 7 a Side leagues and touranments all year round. W.F.S. is unique in the fact that we are self regulated and do not have an affiliation to UEFA, FIFA or any other governing body. This means that we are free to quickly adjust rules and regulations to suit demands.

Apart from having a guaranteed weekly game all participants also enjoy other benefits including:​

  • Full fixture list issued before first match to allow forward planning.

  • Exclusive offers and discounts with our business partners

  • Unique, balanced formats to ensure fair chance for all teams to win trophies and medals.

  • Free team website advertising.

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